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April 2014

The Hanoi Botanical Garden. A lovely place to spend a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon.

I could watch these guys for hours. They were playing a game/sport involving a shuttlecock type of thing, but heavier, and kicking …

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The Hanoi Botanical Garden are really more like a nice, walled-in park with some animals in cages. These poor peacocks could barely …

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Wherever you find a nice-looking place, you can guarantee there will be at least two couples shooting wedding photos in front of …

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This guy was paddling his boat WITH HIS FEET. His FEET. I’m impressed.

The steady beat of the monk’s drum and his monotone singing were the only sounds at this pagoda.

Tucked back by a hotel and not much else is this nice pagoda. It was dead quiet on a Sunday afternoon. It’s …

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The city is all around West Lake. It makes a nice backdrop for fishing.

A stormy night that brought in some nice sunny weather. I’ll take it. I just feel bad for motorbikers.

When I can convince myself to get up in the morning, good things happen. Went to the market this morning (it’s dead …

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I live here! It’s still so weird!