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May 2014

Bat Trang tools

Tools at a pottery workshop, Bat Trang village, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Fish, Fish

Blood and guts at the Cat Ba Island seafood market. I think these might be mackerel?

Cat Ba seafood

Seafood market on Cat Ba Island: fish, squid, eels, and everything in between.

Fish drying

Little fish (probably anchovies) drying on a rack. Cat Ba Island is home to the Cat Hai fish sauce factory, where they …

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Cat Ba Town

Cat Ba Town, as seen from the Cannon Fort. Picturesque or what?!

Above Lan Ha

View from above Lan Ha Bay. The Cannon Fort is a newly opened tourist attraction on Cat Ba, owned and operated (operated …

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I mean… come on. #nofilter

Limestone karsts and a flag, Lan Ha Bay.

Getting some exercise by the bay, Cat Ba style.

A fishing boat rows in the harbor in Cat Ba Town, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.

Fishing boats in Lan Ha Bay, off the coast of Cat Ba Town.