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Hanoi Story Slam, like The Moth but with a much smaller potential group of story tellers: the English-speaking population of Hanoi. The …

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Unofficial dog park!!!

A happy accident photo. Walking next to Hoan Kiem lake at night is always a well-lit experience.

Music in French, English and Spanish at the French Institute. I’m impressed when someone can speak a second language fluently, let alone …

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Fancy shmancy restaurant in Hoan Kiem. Full of teenagers taking selfies and drinking fancy tea drinks. I loved it.

Young love on a motorbike.

West Lake, in Vietnamese, Ho Tay. Breezy and quiet.

In Hanoi, you don’t walk your dog to the dog park. You both motorbike. (And the dog park isn’t a dog park, …

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The kitchen and baking specialty shop that convinced me to live in Tay Ho (northern Hanoi, next to the big lake). Sprinkles! …

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THAT TRAFFIC Le Duan, near Ga Ha Noi after a train gets in.

The view from my living room window on the 5th floor. I’ve seen some weird stuff through this window, not to mention …

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A beautiful lacquer painting at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Pizza Hut is serious business in Hanoi. I won’t lie… I ate it. And it was good. They had fried rice (not …

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One of my first meals in Hanoi: caramelized clay pot catfish with a mango smoothie. Hard to believe it’s been 6 weeks …

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Life happens in alleyways.

Day 1 in Hanoi, Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and museum.


If I learned just one thing on this trip, it’s that there’s nothing like a good friend. For my last week overseas …

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Heading down to the Scottish borders, I found some beautiful hills, tons of sheep, and a wonderful American family.


A week on the Scottish coast was a very different experience from Shillingford.