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How do I even describe WWOOFing at Shillingford? I thought about listing all the things I did in the week we spent …

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London 2: to the Country!

Big unexpected changes: a few more days in London, but this update is coming to you from the English countryside.  


Today I published a story that has been in the works for a while–a project I’ve been wanting to do for a …

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Spicy Shoot

Saturday afternoon I spent shooting spices with a lightbox! How fun are lightboxes, you ask? SO MUCH FUN!

Flash Bus

The Flash Bus Tour was today! I heard about it in studio class months ago, heard about the $100 price tag, and …

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I’ll be honest. When I was assigned to do this video project, I was not excited. I have the end of the …

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Having Mario

I just finished a video about Renee Zimmerman, who has completely blown me away. In March 2002, Renee went in to the …

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Last week, I got to shoot high fashion with my high school friend Jason.